Well, I had Luke at the pediatrician’s office last Tuesday, and he suggested giving him some baby foods.  I opted for Veggies first, only because that’s how I did it with Dylan and he turned out alright.  So, Friday night, we did carrots.  They went over decently well.  He ended up wearing more than he actually ate, but I think that par for the course when it comes to babies eating veggies for the first time.  Then yesterday, we tried peas!  Let me tell you all…what a hit!  I couldn’t get the spoon in his mouth fast enough!  He would holler at me if I didn’t feed him the peas fast enough!  So, I think all in all, we’re off to a good start.  I was surprised at how early the Dr. has be starting him on his solids, but he said with his little tummy aches, that the solids might actually help him feel better.  I must say, I think it’s working…I got my first round of giggles out of the boy last night…it’s just that it happened to be around 11:30pm…so needless to say, we were up past our bedtime, and I’m really paying for it today!

We have officially switched babysitters.  We love Miss Shelley, the sitter that’s had Dylan since he was 4 months old, but due to a few different issues, we had to make a move.  So, last week was their first week at Miss Melissa’s house.  I think Dylan is having TOO much fun over there…he refused to nap for her either day.  So this week, I’m going to run over to her house on my lunch break and see if I have any better luck establishing a routine for his nap over there.  He’s never fought me on taking a nap, I think it’s just the fact that she has other kids there for him to play with that no longer take naps.  She has 3 kids, Christina, Brian, and Bella.  Christina is 6, and loves doting on my boys.  Brian is going to be 5 in August, and he seems to be a typical boy who loves to run around the neighborhood with his friends.  Bella is 16 months, and she is just a sweetheart.  We’re hoping that things go well, because we really like the whole situation there so far!  It was a hard switch to make, so I hope it will all work out for the best.

Dylan’s in swimming lessons now at the YMCA, or as we call it, the ‘Pool Park”.  He’s learning all sorts of new stuff to do in the water, and seems to be really taking to it. 

My fund-raising efforts for the Breast Cancer 3-Day seem to have slowed down a bit as I’m nearing my goal.  I’m $400 short, but I still have two weeks left to rally for mail in donations, and 6 weeks for online donations.  Our team had a fundraiser on Saturday night up in Round Lake.  The turnout wasn’t what we were hoping for, but we still managed to raise some money, and if nothing less, we got to spend time working as a team.  Which is going to pay off ten fold when the 8 or us are walking 60 miles together through blood, sweat, blisters, and tears!  Thanks so much to all of you who have made donations to such a worthy cause!


Oh my goodness…Midway through May, already??!!  What happened?  It’s astonishing to me how fast the time flies.  It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital having a baby, Dylan, and that was so long ago.  Now that we’ve added Luke into the mix, and I’m back to work full time, I wake up some days and can barely remember my own name.

Our anniversary was last month, so we agreed that as a gift to each other, we would put some extra money into the house to make it look that much nicer when we go to sell again (which hopefully will be sooner rather than later!).  One of the first projects we tackled was the deck.  It’s a small deck to begin with, but it’s right off the living room, and the wood had become dried and splintered, and the stain was wearing off in places.  So our old neighbor, Scott, came over and put all new lumber on for us…Happy Anniversary, Honey!  Here are some pics…

Old Deck

Old Deck


New Deck

New Deck

I had my first training walk for the Chicago 3Day this week.  Not as many neighbors were able to show up as I was hoping for, but I got my 5 miles done!!  Yah me!  It took about an hour and 40 minutes, and I was clipping along at what I thought was a decent pace.  When I did the math, it dawned on me that if it took nearly two hours to walk five miles, come August, we’ll be doing at least 8 hours of walking each of the three days…Oh my.  I need more training, because my legs were sore and tired just after the 5.

Through Freecycle.org I picked up a baby carrier for Dan’s bike.  Luke isn’t quite steady enough to ride it in, but I have high hopes that come summer, we can start riding again.  That’s one thing I truly miss during the winter.  I love it when we just need a few items from the grocery store and we can take our bikes and backpacks instead of the car!  Sure it takes quite a bit more time…but when I’m spending that time with these goofballs, what more could I ask for?

My Babies!

My Babies!

We had a great Mother’s Day.  We met up with my parents and Dan’s brother and parents at Arlington Race track.  No one won “big” so to speak, but between Bob, Joanne, and myself…we fared quite nicely!  I hit the trifecta once and won on a 25-1 long shot.  Not too bad at all!  It sure is great seeing how well Dylan acclimates to different environments at his age.  He was such a little trip the whole day, superbly well behaved, and he got more than his fair share of fun!  Made mother’s day a complete blast!  Luke, well, he slept the whole day.

There's my 2 year old sweetie!

There's my 2 year old sweetie!

...and Mr. Sleepyhead!

...and Mr. Sleepyhead!

Ok…sorry all…I’m finally back to my blog.  Being a mother of 2 is a whole new world, and I’m still trying to adjust! 

Luke is a funny little man, and I’m no where near having him figured out…the second I think I’ve got it, he does a 180 and completely changes on me.  But one thing remains a constant, his sad face.  He puts on this little face that I have yet to catch on camera, because when he makes it, I have to pick him up immediately.  It’s the sorry-est sad face I’ve ever seen.  He looks like a little old man who’s had his feelings hurt.    He’s a horrible horrible nurser, so I’ve opted to pump and just bottle feed him.  I swear, if I let him nurse, he would just camp out there all day and still not be full.  He’s not a very good sleeper either.  2-3 times per night, I’m up trying to get him adjusted to the point that he’s comfortable enough to go back to sleep.  At least he’s not up demanding to eat!  He’s been to the “pool park” several times already, and seems to enjoy it.  I think it’s just the white noise of the room that he finds so calming, but who knows.

Dylan’s a fantastic big brother.  He puts the pacifier in when needed, hands me stuff when I can’t get it myself due to baby duties, and this morning as I was getting ready for work, he even went into the bathroom, grabbed a handful of toilet paper, and proceeded to wipe a little spit up off of Luke’s face and then threw it into the toilet.  The jealousy factor is certainly minimal compared to what we were anticipating, and I’m still sure that one day, that will change.

In the path of being completely delusional, I’ve signed up to join a team for the Breast Cancer 3Day here in Chicago…which is a 60 mile walk , **”SIXTY”**, that’s 6 – 0,  in August, the hottest month of the year!  Why not!  So I’m now training for that on top of working full time, playing on my Friday night softball team, trying to sell our house, again, and taking care of my boys and dog (oh yeah, I almost forgot that we have a dog!).  Lucky for me, I’m on a really supportive team, and have really supportive friends and family.  Otherwise, this would be impossible.  I have to hit my goal or my husband’s probably going to divorce me as it’s recently come to light that if the goal isn’t reached, it will be by startingday through my personal credit card…uuuggghh!  Here’s to aiming high!  But, I’ve only just begun brainstorming on ideas for fund-raising, and so I don’t think that will be the final outcome.

Special “Shout Out” to my cousin Fawn!  She’s been a big help to me in a lot of ways.  She sent me all the cloth diapers my baby boy could ever possibly need.  She’s sent tons of baby cloths.  And, she came up with the solution to my pumping problem while doing the Breast Cancer Walk.   There are a few people out there that truly are amazing, and she’s one of them!  So here’s a big THANK YOU to you Fawn! 

Dan’s adjusting well to being the Dad of two boys.  He had to take last Wednesday off to take care of the boys, and he did a great job!  He basically kept them out of the house all day, right up until Dylan’s nap time.  But, still a great job just handling both of them, they can truly be a handful!

Some extra pics before I get a chance to post again!

Almost there

This will probably be my last post for a couple of weeks.  If Baby Lukas isn’t here by February 10th, he’ll be getting delivered that morning at 10:00am (if all goes according to plan that is).  On Monday the 9th, I head back over to the hospital for an amnio (which I understand is a relatively painful procedure).  The results from that test will be in Monday afternoon by 3:00pm, and will be able to tell the Dr’s if this little stinker’s lungs are strong enough for the Tuesday morning delivery.  If for some reason, that test comes back showing that they are not mature enough, then his delivery will be pushed back to Tuesday the 17th, giving him one more week to strengthen up.  But, I received my steroid shots two weeks ago, andthose were given with the specific intent of making sure his lungs are ready for “D-Day”.  So, my motherly intuition says, he’ll be here by the 10th. 

As a “Hi, I’m your baby brother” gift, Dylan will be receiving the “Elmo Live” toy.  It was with some reservations that this was the particular toy chosen.  I have been diligently attempting to get “Hokey Pokey Elmo” for him since November.  But “Hokey Pokey Elmo” seems to be a real hot ticket as I was completely unable to find him in stock in any of the stores, and made several attempts to order him online as well, neither of which worked.  He’s always out of stock.  Not that I try to make the majority of choices based solely on the monetary aspect, but Hokey Pokey Elmo is half the price of Elmo Live.  But I had the kid so hyped up on “Elmo’s coming to see him to play”, that I couldn’t in good conscience not get him an Elmo, and Elmo Live seems to be everywhere.  So, that’s what he’s getting.  Mom andI were having a really fun time with Elmo last night, after Dylan went to bed of course, so I think it will be a big hit.  My only complaint is that there’s no volume control, and it’s a measurably loud toy.  Initially, I won’t be surprised if Dylan’s a bit scared of it due to the noises, movements, and overall appearance.  He will recognize that it’s Elmo, no doubt in my mind, but I think it will take a  little getting used to.  I’ve been proven wrong in the past though, so we’ll see how it goes!

I am going through a strong phase of guilt over bringing Lukas into Dylan’s life.  I’m sure every mom that’s about to have a 2ndchild goes through this.  But I feel as though Dylan didn’t ask to have his time split up with a sibling.  That’s less attention he’ll be able to receive from everyone he loves in this world.  Dan andI, bothworking full time, are limited on the weeknights withthe amount of time we spend with Dylan, and now he’s going to be sharing that limited time with his brother.  It’s a tough pill to swallow, but I’m hoping that having a brother will be such a blessing to him.  I realize that he won’t necessarily see things the same way in which I’m feeling them right now, he is afterall only a 2 year old.  These are just my own little quandariesthat I’m sure I’ll forget all about the second I see our newest little munchkin.

The house repairs are almost complete.  The only job left to tackle is the upstairs bathroom, and that’s going to have to be put on hold for a little while anyway.  The linoleum floor needs to be taken up along with the existing sub-floor.  Then a new sub-floor needs to be put down, and rather that using linoleum again, we’ll be using the remaining ceramic tile from the downstairs, so at least now everything will match!  Also, the spout from the bathtub needs to be replaced.  The one we have no longer will go up and down offering the shower or bath, so we leave it up in the shower position at all times.  That’s not going to work real well when it comes to bathing little Lukas boy.  Dan seems to think it’s going to require hiring a plumber to do that, I think my dad will be able to figure it out, he’s really sharp when it comes to that stuff.  But we have a little time before it becomes a necessity.  Otherwise, all of the projects on my “Honey-Do” list have been “honey-it’s-done”…with quite a bit of forcefulness on my part, but done never-the-less.  Dad and Dan installed a new, deeper, shinier, prettier kitchen sink and faucet on Saturday, so at least washing countless bottles and breast pumps will be that much easier! 

When I am next able, I will send out an update, hopefully it will be all about Baby Lukas’ arrival!  Everyone take care in the meantime!

Steroid Shots…

Yuk…Ouch…ick! Had the first of two steroid treatments yesterday…not at all fun. I should have known it wasn’t going to be pretty when the woman administering the shot gave me a solid smack on the toosh before inserting the needle. I now feel like I took a swift kick from a horse on my left side where the majority of padding is. Today, I’ll get all evened out when I go for my second (and last) shot. Not sure how I’m going to sleep tonight though. Last night, I was able to stay completely off of the point of injection by staying on my right side…I am curious to see how this all works out tonight.

We’re officially ready for baby. The crib’s up and bedded. I’ve made room for the pack n play next to my side of the bed. All nb-6 month clothes have been washed and put away appropriately. Dad came down last weekend and installed shelves in the boys closet, which now house Dylan’s clothes. My overnight bag is packed, and baby Lukas’ bag is packed. Bottles have been washed, sterilized, and put in the cupboards. The only real “project” that I have on my to-do list that is still outstanding is putting the car seat bases in each of the vehicles. If my loving husband would remember to bring them home from his parents house, I could complete that task also. He conveniently keeps forgetting. So tonight, if he hasn’t brought them home once again, I will simply make the trip to their house myself, so that by the end of the weekend, I can truly relax for the remainder of my pregnancy! Joy!

Though we weren’t able to get the same crib that we had for Dylan due to stock issues from the company, we found one that very closely resembles Dylan’s, so they don’t look like complete opposites sitting immediately across the room from each other.

Finally…I’ve only been asking for it for over a year now…and it was my “Mother’s Day” gift last year, but Dan never followed through with it…but we’re officially members at the “Y”!!! Our local YMCA has lots to offer. There’s an indoor gym where they hold various weeknight pickup games of basketball, flag football, volleyball, etc, andthere’s 2 indoor running tracks around the perimeter of the gym. Then there’s the workout room, fully equipped with treadmills, cycles, free weights, and lots of other “fitness-type” equipment. There’s a lap pool, housing 6 lap lanes, and an all purpose area. And Dylan’s favorite, the Family Pool (he calls it the “Pool Park”). We came up with pool park because for some reason, if we said we were going to the pool, he would always pitch a fit, but he loves the park. And the family pool is the perfect combination of the two. It has a zero entry side so the littler ones can walk in andout on their own accord. There are jets that shoot water up out of the ground, and others that shoot several streams of water in a rainbow pattern so the kids can walk under them. There’s a tower that the smaller kids can climb that has jets and showers all over it, and it ends with a water slide for the littler ones. There’s also a lazy river that you just float in…no tubes needed, but that is sure relaxing. Then there’s the “deep end”…meaning, 3’6” deep. That’s where I’ve been teaching Dylan more “swimming” techniques such as kicking, paddling with his arms, floating on his back, dunking our heads under water, and hanging on the side all by himself.  Beyond that is the one area we haven’t ventured into yet, the big water slides. There are two fully enclosed large water slides that stand side-by-side. There’s no way he’s going down those for quite some time. Dan seems as though he’d be a bit self conscious going over there without a “kid” going along, and I’m afraid my large belly would get me stuck in the tube at this point, so I’m not going either! We went and signed up on my birthday, January 2nd, and stayed to play. It was so awesome. It was great exercise that was safe for all of us (namely, me), and we’ve been back several times since then. Each time we go, we have more fun than the time before. I think that’s mainly because Dylan is willing to try a few more things each time we go. The room is kept relatively warm, which seems to be helping his asthma quite a bit. We’ve pretty much been able to use his “breather”, as we call it, once a day, if at all, since we’ve been going. There’s of course a woman’s locker room and a men’s locker room, but we use the family locker room. It has a hallway loaded with lockers for everyone’s “stuff”, and opposite the lockers are “family” changing rooms, which are private rooms that have a changing table, shower, toilet, sink, swim suit spin dryer (wonderful invention), and several chairs. On a typical weeknight, by the time we’re both home from work, we can be in the water by 6:15pm, and out by 7:30pm, and home for a quick dinner by 8:00pm. There’s also a free babysitting service for members. So if needed, we could leave Dylan in the playroom which is fully equipped with blocks, tunnels, slides, etc, and go work out. They’ll watch your little one(s) for up to two hours. I don’t see using that so much now, but it may come in handy after I have baby Luke.

Either way, this has so far been one of my all time favorite Birthday/Mother’s Day/Christmas presents!!! I’m sure we’ll learn even more about what the facility has to offer, as well as what classes they have in time. I know they have classes for all age ranges, but being so close to baby #2’s arrival, I haven’t paid much attention to that at this point. In the meantime, if you have tried to call me, and I didn’t answer, I was probably floating in the pool park with my little monkey on my back!

Holidays are OVER!!!

We had a very successful, but very busy holiday season.  Christmas Eve at the in-laws was a real hoot because we all got to watch Dylan figure out what “opening presents” was all about.  He definitely got it, the only problem was that once he did, he though all of the presents in the room were his.  No matter how politely we explained that not all of the presents we for him from Santa, he still got a little upset each time he saw someone opening their own gift.  We muddled through the wrapping paper and all that mess just fine after he realized that while not all of the presents were his, most of them were! 

Then Christmas morning came.  With heavy eyelids, he gracefully went about getting the items in his stocking opened.  That was like the appetizer to the main course.  The difficulty came when we were ready for him to open his presents under the tree.  He was so enamored by the cool things he had in his stocking, that he didn’t want to bother with the other presents (lesson well learned, mommy!)  After some convincing, he finally gave in and began to open the other gifts.  After he would get the paper off, and realized what it was, he wanted that item removed immediately from the packaging so he could play with it.  Needless to say, present opening took some time!!!  Then it was off to Nonny and Poppy’s house, were he was again inundated with gifts…let me tell you, this kid is spoiled!…Overall, very well behaved though, which made a very busy and chaotic day run by relatively smoothly.  The Perkins side cousins came over and we had a lovely visit with them.  He got to meet Baby Brody for the first time, and that was a real treat!  I forgot how little they are as newborns, but how precious they are, too!  After our visit, we made the 2 hour trek back home, and got ourselves off to sleep (Dan and I both had to work the next day). 

New Years was relatively uneventful.  Hard to celebrate the holiday when I can’t stay up past 10:00pm these days.  We made a fancy dinner with one Lobster Tail and One Steak.  Dylan, the little vegetarian that he is, opted to stick with his broccoli and sweet potato fries.  Surf and Turf wasn’t exactly his idea of a great meal, he refused to touch it!  Oh well, as they say, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make ’em drink!”.